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About Us

The team at The Key IOP is well-versed and accredited to manage substance use disorders and mental health co-dependencies, offering an enriching program tailored to you and your needs.

Our team is comprised of industry-leading experts suited to take on any challenges. Our team of clinicians, program directors and supporting staff will introduce you to a new level of outpatient programming that will fundamentally shift the course of addiction treatment for years to come.

We believe the KEY to overcoming addiction is to work with the best team in Santa Cruz. Read on to learn about our KEYS to success — The Key IOP team!

Our Doctors

Dr. Bobby Singh, BA, MD

ABIM Board Certified, Internal Medicine
ABPM Board Certified, Addiction Medicine

As a recent Stanford Addiction Medicine graduate, Dr. Bobby Singh carries with him a wealth of knowledge on both an academic and personal level.

Dr. Singh witnessed the struggles of his family and friends go through battling addiction. Although his hospital experience has given him a keen understanding of the medical complications of those going through dependency detox, he is now focused on building long-term treatment plans and sustainabe sobriety.

During his medical career and while in training at Stanford, he found outpatient services greatly impacted the overall success rate in addiction treatment. This led to a fundamental shift in what Dr. Singh wanted to accomplish and further fueled his goals of establishing a well-balanced, honest and structured program – The Key Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Bobby Singh, BA, MD

The Key IOP was not created overnight. With the disheartening and obvious rise in alcohol and substance use in California, he made it his mission to create a unique program to Santa Cruz.

His experience comes from years of studying addiction medicine and what good medical and counseling services can do for maintaining sobriety. He will personally meet with each client on a regular, weekly basis. He is eager to help those with alcohol and/or substance use disorders. He knows many can find their way again if given the right tools and support – if given The Key to their sobriety and a chance to live life again.

Dr. Mo Ebrahimi BA, BS, MD

Dr. Mo Ebrahimi BA, BS, MD

ABIM Internal Medicine, Board Certified

Dr. Mo Ebrahimi knew from a very young age that she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

During her undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz, she was an HIV counselor, seeing firsthand the trials and tribulations many underwent for proper access to medical care. She worked to create a balance between medical care and public service.

Mo volunteered for the safe needle exchange program while simultaneously building an after-school program for underprivileged children living in Santa Cruz. After graduating with honors in Biology and Philosophy. Dr. Ebrahimi met Dr. Singh during their Internal Medicine training in Phoenix, Arizona.

Serving as the program physician and the medical director at the Key IOP, her role is to be present for any medical questions or concerns raised by patients, families or staff. She will also liaise with the team to ensure that detailed program needs and refined goals are met so that each client can succeed on their road to recovery.

Julia Blanton


Julia is a certified life coach specializing in Co-Active and Positive Intelligence Models. She is an inspiring, caring, energetic person who grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains. Julia earned a BS in Kinesiology at SFSU and ultimately found her way back to Santa Cruz to raise her family.

Julia works with her clients to cultivate a sense of inner wellness through transformative self-discovery, personal growth and empowerment. Her approach combines teaching new skills, nurturing authenticity and creating tangible action toward positive change.

Julia sees the potential in each individual to live an inspired, fulfilling, purpose-driven life that positively impacts the world around them. Julia bolsters clients with essential tools such as self-compassion, mindfulness, gratitude, perspective play, visioning and much more. As a coach, her work is future-focused, emphasizing insight, action and accountability.

Julia Blanton
Whitney Dewitt

Whitney Dewitt


Whitney Dewitt studied Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at Palo Alto University here in beautiful Northern, CA.

After graduating in 2013, she worked in the greater Bay Area at multiple non-profit organizations treating family units, special needs young adults and health clinics specializing in patients with severe anxiety, major depression, crisis/trauma and various psychiatric disorders.

Easing tension and promoting self-esteem through 1:1 meetings, Whitney is able to help unveil the underlying issues and roots of substance use with a holistic and cognitive therapy approach.

Some of her modalities include: Body Psychotherapy (aka Somatic Psychology) Person-centered Therapy, Attachment Theory, Solutions Focused Therapy, Play Therapy, Humanistic Psychology, Internal Family Systems therapy, Developmental Psychology and Mindfulness.