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What makes Professionals Different in Regards to Addiction?

First Responders (Firefighters, law enforcement officers & emergency medical personnel), for instance, witness crime, suffering and maltreatment, often involving unspeakable acts against society’s most vulnerable members.

The emotional roller coaster that comes with this line of work can be quite a burden for first responders. Some might frequently join peers for drinks to wind down after a harrowing shift. For some, this can easily become a slippery slope to dependence on alcohol to numb the pain and relieve work-related stressors.

Angel investors know there’s a chance that the money they put up to help an individual start or grow a business won’t result in a profit. The optimistic angel investor who continues helping aspiring business owners without a return on their investment might find themselves overwhelmed and needing a way to deal with their losses. When drinking or drug use becomes a coping mechanism, angel investors may spiral out of control.

Veterans may no longer have the support of colleagues who understand the mental burden and anguish. Veterans often suffer from post-traumatic stress and have difficulty adjusting to civilian life, so they may seek relief by drinking, leading to alcohol abuse. Pain from injuries sustained in combat can also put veterans at risk for drug abuse.

What Professions Do We Treat?

image of a teacher with a substance use disorder
Tech Executives/CIOs

Competition makes innovation a necessary skill. CIOs and Tech Executives’ sometimes need to live very social lives when building their business network, which may lead to addiction or to substance abuse.

The Key Addiction Treatment Center offers rehab programs for firefighters
First Responders

Helping people can bring joy and sorrow and first responders experience intense stress on their jobsite. Often times, keeping experiences to themselves until they reach a tipping point, which lead to alcohol or drug use.

Outpatient treatment options for Angel Investers
High-Profile Investors/Angel Investors

High-profile investors understand the importance of turning a profit for themselves and their clients. Unable to cope with with financial losses can drive investors to drink alcohol or use drugs.

Our nurses offer treatment so many times, receive treatment for your addiction!
Medical Professionals

Healthcare professionals often take substances for alertness, energy, grueling hours and patient expectations. Also, easy access to prescription drugs can tempt healthcare providers to misuse substances.

Upscale & private treatment programs for attorneys

28% of attorneys in their first year of practice have signs of a drinking problems. From high-profile cases, unrealistic client expectations, public defender having reservations drinking or using drugs is a staple for attorneys.

healing, community-driven alcohol and drug outpatient treatment for vets
Active Military/Veterans

Military service members endure heightened alert in a combat zone – stress is a way of life. Many veterans cannot escape disturbing memories, which may lead to depression and other mental health issues.

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