The Key Difference

  • Cutting-edge approach to addiction treatment

  • Holistic treatments promoting long-term sustainability

  • Family involvement as an integral modality in addiction treatment

  • Physician owned and operated

  • Individualized and small group therapy options

  • Full-time staff with addiction counseling credentials

  • Offering continuum of care and aftercare programs for long term success

  • Dual diagnosis support for long term recovery

  • We accept out-of-network insurance and offer multiple financing options explained up front

Are you Ready to find The Key to Your Success?

Founded by Dr. Bobby Singh, an addiction medicine graduate from Stanford University, The Key features full-time, on-site staff with specific addiction counseling credentials. They’re prepared to guide you through your healing journey in recovery.

Our small group sizes lend to closer connections and more in-depth attention to detail and potential within the program. Small groups are imperative to a quality therapeutic experience.

We believe in family participation and awareness as an integral modality. Family psychoeducation sessions can solidify your commitment to one another and help build the support you need to live a sober lifestyle.

You can count on The Key for a full continuum of care. We offer aftercare and dedicated long-term programs designed for the lasting success of our graduates to help facilitate sustained recovery. Many of our graduates even go on to help others on the road to addiction recovery.

The Key accepts out-of-network insurance. We’re happy to check your insurance coverage for you with one simple call to our office. The Key believes in affordable addiction recovery services, which is why we offer multiple financing options. We’re completely transparent about the cost upfront so that you can plan for and predict all costs.

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Program at The Key Addiction Treatment Center

Intensive daytime programs allow you to maintain a work/ family schedule. This will allow you to stay living at home while providing a weekly structure. This is especially helpful for those who are transitioning from an inpatient treatment, residential treatment or hospital setting.

The Key Addiction Treatment Center offers evidence-based solutions for professionals

We offer a vast array of services to help you or a loved one overcome their substance abuse disorder and continue on the road to recovery. Start today by calling for a complimentary consultation with one of our addiction specialists. Once you’re ready to begin treatment, we will complete a 90 minute assessment and discuss our recommendation for treatment based on where you are currently in your recovery.

Our Facility

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

He provides care that is evidence based, clinically conscious, and unparalleled all with the compassion of a close friend. Dr. Singh understands that his patients have families for which they are responsible, careers to be mindful of, and a deep fear of losing everything they have built in their lives. This fear can often scare people away from seeking treatment, afraid of leaving their duties to care for themselves. Dr. Singh and his team help to qualm these uncertainties and do whatever they can possible to restore balance to their patients’ lives.

Jasser K., Satisfied Client

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Depinder “Bobby” Singh at two different hospitals over the past 10 years, with the latest being at Stanford Hospital. Dr. Singh has remained one of the most attentive, skillful, and knowledgable providers I’ve worked with. I can confidently say, I have complete trust that Dr. Singh provides care that is evidence-based, with attention to compassion, discretion, cultural sensitivity, and family involvement. He cares for patients as if they were his own family or close friend, which is exactly what I would want in this situation.

Heather B., Colleague

I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the inaugural Key Addiction Treatment Center- IOP here in Santa Cruz. I enrolled in this particular program as a direct result of my dependence on alcohol. I have struggled with the disease of alcoholism for most of my adult life. Furthermore, I have tried multiple approaches to stay sober-all to no avail until I came across Key IOP.  This particular innovative program allowed me to remain close to my family while being treated for the disorder of alcoholism.

Marci S., Satisfied Client