Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment at The Key IOP

As a physician-owned and operated center, we provide clients with personalized treatment plans guided by evidence-based practice, counseling and theories.

Our cutting-edge approach to addiction treatment uses a range of the latest modalities in tandem with tried-and-true methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and prescription medications, to treat underlying mental health conditions through a holistic approach.

Who Are We?

Our staff of professional care providers has in-depth training in both addiction and mental health treatment. As a result, we can support recovery for clients with a dual diagnosis of substance use disorder and many mental health conditions.

We offer holistic treatment options that help heal the whole mind and body. Clients participate in talk therapy, yoga, meditation, sound therapy, nutrition and other programs designed to facilitate overall wellness.
In our individualized and very small group therapy sessions, you’ll be able to develop a robust support system in a private, intimate setting.

Are you Ready to find The Key to Your Success?!

The Key Difference

  • Cutting-edge approach to addiction treatment
  • Combination of Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Services
  • Holistic treatments promoting long-term sustainability
  • Individualized and small group therapy options
  • Full-time staff with addiction counseling credentials
  • Believes in family therapy as an integral modality in addiction treatment
  • Offer continuum of care and aftercare programs for continued success
  • We offer multiple financing options explained up front
  • Dedicated long-term program options during the up’s & downs

  • Promotion of career services and workplace certification programs

The Key features full-time, on-site staff with specific addiction counseling credentials. They’re prepared to guide you through your healing journey in recovery.

We believe in family participation and awareness as an integral modality. Family therapy sessions can solidify your commitment to one another and help build the support you need to live a sober lifestyle.

You can count on The Key for a full continuum of care. We offer aftercare and dedicated long-term programs designed for the lasting success of our graduates to help facilitate sustained recovery.

The Key believes in affordable addiction recovery services, which is why we offer multiple financing options. We’re completely transparent about the cost upfront so that you can handle hidden fees or added costs.

We help prepare you for reality after IOP with life skills coaching programs and career services. Many of our graduates even go on to help others on the road to addiction recovery.

Available Treatments for Addiction Recovery

Your recovery journey at The Key will include a personalized combination of approaches:

Body Psychotherapy
for Addiction

Integrative body psychotherapy incorporates muscle massage, breathing techniques and kinetic movements. This form of mind-body psychotherapy is designed to holistically address concerns with the mind through touch and physical sensation. It can help you cope with the effects of addiction and mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Somatic Psychology
in Santa Cruz

You will work with a psychologist specializing in body language. Through meditation, talk therapy and physical therapy, somatic psychology can address underlying emotional issues. Interventions may include descriptive language, grounding in the here and now, resourcing language to build strength and support, and learning to self-regulate emotions.

Person-Centered Therapy Addiction Treatment

Person-centered therapy interventions are designed to help you live up to your full potential without judgment. The goals of person-centered therapy include helping you decide why you want to lead a sober lifestyle and figure out how to do it. You will be the guiding force of your treatment program under the mentorship of trained professionals.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a talk therapy that replaces unhealthy and negative thought and behavior patterns with healthy coping skills and strategies. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques may include roleplaying, exposure therapy to face fears and exercises to slow down racing thoughts and soothe physical tension.

Rehab & Attachment Theory

Attachment theory focuses on the close relationships with people in your life, including parents and caregivers. Some studies suggest a link between substance use disorder and insecure attachments with loved ones that can result from childhood. Researchers theorize that the developmental pathway for addiction may develop as a coping mechanism. This therapy would focus on that if it seemed the best fit for you while working with us.

Solutions-Focused Therapy for Professionals

Solutions-focused therapy interventions focus on your current situation and future goals rather than delving into the past. Solutions-focused therapy techniques include guiding the session with specific questions (coping, scaling, and miracle questions) designed to help you set and achieve goals.

Play Therapy for Adults

While various types of play therapy are primarily used with children, synergetic play therapy helps adults regulate their nervous system activity. Attention to mindfulness and attachment can address underlying issues that contribute to addiction. Play therapy can also be effective for children impacted by substance use among family members.

Humanistic Psychology for Substance Abuse

Humanistic psychology emphasizes the importance of free will and each individual’s unique spirit. The humanistic perspective in psychology leads you on a journey of self-discovery so you can reach your full potential as a human being. You’ll develop feelings of positive self-regard that can assist with recovery.

Internal Family Systems Therapy for Addiction

Those who undergo internal family systems therapy can be guided to treat themselves with compassion and heal from trauma in their past and present. Family group therapy sessions can uncover behavior patterns and resolve long-held issues so you can move forward with healthy family relationships.

Developmental Psychology to Overcome Addiction

Developmental psychology theories explore how humans learn and grow from childhood through adulthood. Topics of developmental psychology may provide insight into the underlying causes of addiction and identify the appropriate therapeutic approaches. Some studies suggest that addiction may result from a developmental disorder.

Mindfulness in Addiction Treatment

Mindfulness in mental health is a type of meditation that focuses on being fully aware of your surroundings and present in the current moment. Mindfulness awareness can be a powerful tool in addiction recovery, relieving symptoms such as anxiety. During mindfulness counseling, you’ll learn about the benefits of mindfulness as a technique to reduce stress.

Aftercare Services

Attending an aftercare program significantly contributes to long-term relapse prevention. You’ll receive a case manager from the team, including assistance with employment and housing. You’ll also have the opportunity to continue participating in individual therapy to help maintain your sober support system.

The Key IOP offers evidence-based
solutions for Professionals

We offer a vast array of services to help you or a loved one overcome their substance abuse disorder
and continue on the road to recovery. What do you do now? All you have to do is call us or email to let
us know how we can help and our team will do the rest. We are glad you are here and we are here to help.