What makes The Key a good fit for working professionals seeking addiction treatment?

Professionals work in high-stress jobs where a mistake or bad decision can put lives or livelihoods at risk. Often feeling overwhelmed, they can sometimes find ways to cope. When they don’t have appropriate coping skills, alcohol or drugs can be their answer.

Our team understands that substance abuse causes many problems, including fractured relationships and loss of trust. When professionals enter our addiction treatment program, the treatment process begins with a thorough assessment with our clinical director and if needed, addiction medicine physician. An individualized treatment plan is uniquely created for each person that addresses substance abuse and related issues.

Our outpatient treatment program aims to help professionals overcome addiction and get treatment for co-occurring mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression if needed. 

Services Sets us Apart from Other Alcohol/Drug Rehab Centers

  • Though Santa Cruz may be a smaller town than most, our team carefully keeps your life private

  • An on-site kitchenette ensures clients have access to  healthy snacks, refreshments  

  • Our alumni program promotes aftercare by connecting graduates, support groups and local resources in order to help achieve long-term sobriety and success in numbers. 

  • The Key Addiction Treatment Center’s integrative treatment approach includes a Stanford Addiction medicine physician

  • We offer counseling, dialectical behavior therapy, group therapy, life skills coaching, medication management and an on-site psychiatrist.

  • Clients can also benefit from medication management, naturopathic treatment, dietician and acupuncture.

Why Seek Treatment for Substance Abuse?

It is common for individuals with addiction to be high functioning but notice their relationships and effectiveness at work slipping. When professionals become addicted to drugs or alcohol because of job-related stress, it puts other people’s lives in danger. High-functioning alcoholics and drug users responsible for the care and well-being of others may be successful at hiding their problems for a time. Still, ultimately they put their clients, coworkers and clients at great risk. Poor judgment due to being impaired can endanger lives, and family relationships suffer because of addiction.

If you’re a professional who’s struggling with addiction but afraid to tell anyone, we’re here for you. We are open-armed and non-judgemental. We understand what you are going through, and we want to help. 

Are you dealing with depression and alcohol use disorder? Have you recently completed a detox program or a residential program? Are your family and work relationships suffering because of drug or alcohol addiction? 

Our confidential IOP program can provide the extra support required to maintain and thrive in your recovery. We want your success. 

The Key Addiction Treatment Center is convenient and flexible, so you can participate in treatment activities while meeting family and work responsibilities. Whether the issue is alcoholism, drug addiction, trauma or a dual diagnosis, our treatment team is here to help you win this battle. 

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Outpatient Rehab in Santa Cruz

Individuals and professionals in Santa Cruz, California, who need help breaking addiction’s grip, have a local resource to get the treatment they need. The Key’s Intensive Outpatient Program in Santa Cruz offers a unique treatment environment with a schedule that allows working professionals to handle family and job responsibilities while participating in a rehab program that puts them on the path to long-term recovery. 

Just outside Silicon Valley and two miles from the coast, The Key Addiction Treatment Center offers premier addiction treatment for professionals in Santa Cruz.

It’s time to get relief from addiction fueled by the anxiety and stress of your job. There’s no need to fight addiction alone. Call The Key Addiction Treatment Center today at 831-484-4191. Our treatment team is ready to help you transform your life. Come to Santa Cruz’s leading addiction treatment program at 725 Front Street, Suite 206, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, where you’ll find treatment custom-built to meet your needs.