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What Support Do We Offer for Addiction Recovery?

You may be in one of the following Stages of Recovery and we’ll help you find the right place to start treatment.

We offer:


How do I start?

Start today by calling for a complimentary consultation with one of our addiction specialists. Once you’re ready to begin treatment, we will complete a 90 minute assessment and discuss our recommendation for treatment based on where you are currently in your recovery.

Call us today to learn more (831) 484-4191

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The Best Intensive Outpatient Program in Santa Cruz

The Key Addiction Treatment Center is based in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, just outside Silicon Valley. Every aspect of The Key delivers the best, most progressive evidence based therapeutic modalities in small group sizes with highly specialized addiction practitioners where individuals come to find a deep sense of belonging.

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Ready to take the first step?

Welcome to The Key- A Message from Dr. Bobby Singh, Founder

“I hope this message finds you in a moment of strength and openness to change. Your journey matters, and I am committed to offering tangible solutions, guiding individuals and families toward lasting recovery, and contributing to the broader understanding of addiction. If you choose to embark on this path with us here at The Key, know that you will not be alone”. — Dr. Bobby Singh, Stanford Addiction Medicine graduate, Founder of The Key

How Our Treatment Center Can Help

In our intimate, intensive outpatient program in Santa Cruz, we focus on alcohol and drug programs based on evidence of what works. How we manage our clients depends on their needs. Some of these strategies include:

counseling services & substance abuse treatment in Santa Cruz at The Key IOP

Individual Therapy

Recovery is both a group effort and also an individual journey. During your one-on-one therapy, you can privately work through your concerns. You’ll be able to freely discuss and focus on your addiction, your life, your career or any other problems you may have.

young adults with a drug and alcohol addiction in group meetings

Group Therapy

You will connect with people dealing with similar challenges in a peaceful and welcoming environment with no more than six people in your group. Connectivity and comradery are crucial parts of long-term recovery. Group therapy is great for developing a strong support network.

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Dual Diagnosis

At The Key, we are trained to diagnose underlying mental health disorders that may be contributing to substance abuse problems. Our support with dual diagnosis helps strengthen skills to manage triggers and temptations while providing practical, ongoing support recovery.

Family Therapy is KEY for treatment for addiction

Family Psychoeducation

Addiction can affect your parents, siblings, partner or children. They feel the profound effects of substance and alcohol abuse. Family therapy sessions peel back the onion and repair relationships to rebuild your foundation and social network for long-term success.

A recovery center in california focusing on underlying issues of drug and alcohol addiction


Understanding the science and psychological basis of how we sometimes choose drugs and alcohol can help you gain insight into your addiction. We also help educate you on the basic functions of medications used to treat different mental health disorders.

A recovery center in california focusing on underlying issues of drug and alcohol addiction


In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed 64 medical problems that were considered suitable for acupuncture treatment, including the treatment of drug abuse. Acupuncture helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, as well as improve overall well-being and mental health.

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Addiction Treatment FAQ

The first step to your recovery is to get in touch with us. Call us today to get started at 831-484-4191. 

Yes, we take out-of-network insurance and some or all of your costs may be covered depending on your carrier. Give us a call to find out your out of pocket costs and potential insurance coverage.

The IOP treatment centers work by providing regular contact for recovering addicts over a set period of time. These sessions occur daily at a set time, with different treatment options happening according to the individualized treatment plan. 

Recovery is all about finding the resources and evidence-based treatment that work for you, and relapse prevention is part of that. With The Key IOP, you’ll have mechanisms and aftercare available and a caring support system. 

We use evidence-based treatment strategies to form an individualized support program that offers aftercare and additional support.