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Outpatient Santa Cruz Addiction Treatment

The Key IOP is an addiction treatment center based in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, just outside Silicon Valley. Our intensive outpatient programs offer revolutionary, evidence-based recovery techniques combined with holistic approaches for those struggling with alcohol and substance abuse disorders. These proven techniques provide the tools necessary to recover successfully and start a sober life.

From Solution Focused Therapy to Humanistic Psychology to Mindfulness and Family Therapy, our addiction treatment programs are individualized and tailored to you – finding the root cause of substance abuse. By focusing on mental and physical wellness, your mind and body can reach its restorative potential.

At our Santa Cruz IOP, we provide a nurturing atmosphere for up to six people per group – an intimate setting that allows therapists to help you dig deep into the essence of your thoughts and emotions. Here, recovery is within reach!

Get in touch with Santa Cruz’s leading addiction treatment program and discover how we can help. The Key to happiness starts with recovery…

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It is no secret that dependency on alcohol can have a significant impact on an individual and their family. For alcohol recovery to be successful, life shifts and changes must be made to achieve a long-term sober life.

drug and alcohol addiction

Drug Addiction and
Substance Use disorder

Drug addiction comes in many forms. Regardless of who you are and your experience with drugs, we have a vast array of experience with an integrated approach that can help you overcome the downward spiral you may find yourself in.

outpatient services for dual diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

Mental health challenges are often found at the root of substance and alcohol use disorders. Focusing on dual diagnosis (co-occurring disorder) treatment helps tackle addiction at its roots.

How Our Treatment Center Can Help

In our intimate, intensive outpatient program in Santa Cruz, we focus on alcohol and drug programs based on evidence of what works. How we manage our clients depends on their needs. Some of these strategies include:

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Co-Occurring Program

Trained to diagnose underlying mental health disorders that may be contributing to substance abuse problems is key. The Co-Occurring Program helps strengthen skills to manage triggers and temptations while providing practical, ongoing support recovery.

young adults with a drug and alcohol addiction in group meetings

Group Therapy

Connectivity and comradery are crucial parts of long-term recovery. You will connect with people dealing with similar challenges in a peaceful and welcoming environment – no more than six persons. Group therapy is great for developing a strong support network.

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Individual Therapy

Recovery is both a group effort and also an individual journey. During your one-on-one therapy, you can privately work through your concerns. You’ll be able to freely discuss and focus on your addiction, your life, your career or any other problems you may have.

Family Therapy is KEY for treatment for addiction

Family Psychoeducation

Addiction can affect your parents, siblings, partner or children. They feel the profound effects of substance and alcohol abuse. Family therapy sessions peel back the onion and repair relationships to rebuild your foundation and social network for long-term success.

accommodating treatment programs at the Key IOP that offer Career Services

Career Services

Working provides financial stability, confidence and increased independence. Sobriety is more likely to be successful long-term for those who find a purposeful and meaningful career. We will help you do this through our career planning education and life coaching.

A recovery center in california focusing on underlying issues of drug and alcohol addiction


Understanding the science and psychological basis of how we sometimes choose drugs and alcohol can help you gain insight into your addiction. We also help educate you on the basic functions of medications used to treat different mental health disorders.

Why Choose The Key IOP

Research has shown that current addiction treatment modalities are broken. Clinics are popping up right and left, boasting massages and fancy organic meals for often overpriced and underwhelming treatments. The financial coverage provided by most insurance companies to support a residential treatment program is either nonexistent or too short in length to be helpful — many cover a maximum of only 28 days. Residential drug and alcohol rehab is not always feasible for everyone looking for help.

In an IOP setting, you have more flexibility and options; you can continue to work or go to school but also have a structured weekly treatment plan that fits your life and needs. The Key IOP is a balanced and reputable outpatient treatment center in Santa Cruz with results that speak for themselves. At The Key, we care about our clients and strive for their success. We are owned and operated by physicians, including a Stanford-trained addiction medicine expert, Dr. Bobby Singh.

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Addiction Treatment FAQ

The first step to your recovery is to get in touch with us. Call us today to get started at 831-604-1965. 

At The Key, IOPs aren’t covered by insurance. However, we do offer comprehensive payment options that you can take advantage of to start your treatment.

The IOP treatment centers work by providing regular contact for recovering addicts over a set period of time. These sessions occur daily at a set time, with different treatment options happening according to the individualized treatment plan. 

Recovery is all about finding the resources and evidence-based treatment that work for you, and relapse prevention is part of that. With The Key IOP, you’ll have mechanisms and aftercare available and a caring support system. 

We use evidence-based treatment strategies to form an individualized support program that offers aftercare and additional support.